Witnessing Whiteness Reading Group

Witnessing Whiteness Reading Group – A note from the reading group coordinator:

This is a reading group for people who identify as white to explore, learn and dialogue together about race and the way it impacts our history, our lives and our relationships with each other as well as people of the global majority, i.e. “people of color”. It is a book written by a white woman involved with popular education work on the west coast and is a great tool for any white person looking to be more thoughtful about race and grow a little in the process. It is thoroughly researched and, as such, is a great foundation for continued study.

Those who enjoy the process will be encouraged to join a leadership group that would take on the joyful work of hosting more groups of similar intent. In St. Louis, where I am coming from, this proved vastly successful in creating a wide network of white people who were educated, activated and aware of the role race plays in their lives and social dynamics. This proved of vital importance to the ongoing work for eliminating white racism in that area. We would be supported in our ongoing work by Amy Hunter, the director for racial justice at the YWCA in St. Louis, among other amazing leaders who are more local.

Check out Amy Hunter’s amazing TED talk ” Lucky Zipcodes” about ‘the talk’ that black mother’s have to have with their children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g36ijwr3wc8

I hope to see lots of you in the group,