Local Organizations

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Allies for Racial Justice UIUC

Allies for Racial Justice Facebook

Black Lives Matter: Champaign-Urbana

Black Lives Matter Facebook

(UC) Books to Prisoners

UC Books to Prisoners website

Build Programs, Not Jails! (BPNJ)

BPNJ Website

Champaign Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice (CUCPJ)

CUCPJ Facebook

CU Immigration Forum

CU Immigration Forum Website
CU Immigration Forum Facebook

Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

GEO Website
GEO Facebook

Latino Partnership, NFP

Latino Partnership Facebook

NAACP Champaign County

NAACP Facebook

North End Breakfast Club

North End Breakfast Club Facebook

University YMCA

YMCA Website
YMCA Facebook

YWCA of the University of Illinois

YWCA Website
YWCA Facebook


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