Affinity Groups

CU-SURJ is working collectively for racial justice in Affinity Groups. Want to join a group? E-mail to plug into the work.

Developing ways to support folks in staying accountable to their commitment to show up for racial justice
e.g., check-in buddies, automated text/email reminders

Supporting local racial justice organizations
e.g., providing security at POC-led events, attending rallies and bringing signs, providing transport, etc.

Actively interrupting/calling in/de-escalating with well- or mal-intentioned groups and individuals who are enacting white racism
e.g., contacting someone who hosts a race-themed party

Identifying ways to spend, invest, and divest with an eye toward the impact of our money in systems of racial in/justices

Building our capacities for unlearning and dismantling racial bias and white supremacy.
e.g., book club, movie screening, info sheets

Cultivating personal relationships with, and accountability to, specific local groups
e.g., attending and reporting back from other groups, being a contact person to other groups

Realz w the feelz
Addressing the emotional barriers to showing up for racial justice
e.g., overcoming white guilt, having difficult conversations, intergroup conflict resolution

Creative visibility
Making anti-racist culture obvious and inviting
e.g., posters, pins, music, art, parades

Communicating to the community about racial justice events and resources
e.g., newsletter, website, Facebook, press releases

Process and Tech
Creating systems and processes to support organizational projects
e.g., workflows, surveys, databases, “backend,” etc.

Looking out for the chapter overall
e.g., communicating with SURJ national, shaping priorities, supporting affinity groups, providing accountability, developing infrastructure