Who We Are

Local Mission

CU Showing Up for Racial Justice is a multiracial group that mobilizes white people to be actively engaged and accountable in a multi-racial justice movement.

We do this through:

  • Collective self-education, including addressing the emotional and psychological barriers to effective engagement
  • Gathering and sharing resources to oppose systems of racism and support racial justice in our community
  • Making clear commitments to act and being accountable for those actions
  • Cultivating a community of committed individuals who will mobilize as needed

CU-SURJ recognizes accountability to people of color as a core principle central to the work for racial justice and transformative change.

National and Local Values

  • Calling People In, Not Out
  • Accountability Through Collective Action
  • Take Risks, Make Mistakes, Learn, and Keep Going
  • There is Enough for All
  • Growing is Good
  • Center Class

Read more about our values here

Please note

This is a multi-racial group targeted at mobilizing white people, including calling them in from wherever they are in their learning process. Therefore, we welcome multiple strategies of engagement, relying on mutual support to guide us all to ever deeper levels of analysis, commitment, and action. Unlearning white supremacy is a complex, multi-layered, life-long task. For some white people raised with a “colorblind” ideology, engaging with CU-SURJ may present a first first opportunity to have frank conversations about race. In this context, reactions that are potentially toxic or re-traumatizing to those who have suffered race-based violence could surface. These include microaggressions, defensiveness, unskilled wording, confusion, and blatantly racist beliefs. We see it as part of our work to call in white people in so that they can be more effective accomplices. More Info

This is a collective project, and we welcome feedback so that we can keep learning together. Please email: info@cusurj.org

We also know the importance of POC-only spaces and so, whenever possible, at meetings we will make a “no white people” area available for anyone who wants to use it. This is a collective project, and we welcome feedback so that we can keep learning together.